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Science/ Еducation/ Production/ Healthcare economics

Institute for Applied Medical Research

Научный центр
Hemostasis and Bioregeneration
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Научный центр
Molecular Biology
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Научный центр
Clinical Trials
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Научный центр
Healthcare Economics and Development Projects
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Production and development

A pilot plant "Pul-Sar" in Dubna (Special Economic Zone "Dubna"

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"Russian Medical School" is an educational institution for postgraduate medical education

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Hemostatic agent
Haemoblock® DENT
Dental hemostatic kit
Lymphoblock Solution
Surgical agent
In developing

We cooperate with:

  • N.N. Priorov Central Institute of Trauma Surgery (development of the newest methods of hemostasis during spine surgeries)
  • M.F. Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Clinical Research Institute (clinical studies of endoscopic methods of hemostasis)
  • N.V. Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine (development of methods of emergency gastroenterological care)
  • A.N. Rychikh Scientific Research Center for Coloproctology (colorectal surgery, endoscopy)
  • Sechenov Moscow State Medical University
  • Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University
  • Pavlov Russian State Medical University
  • Russian Society of Surgeons
  • Children’s City Clinical Hospital named after Z.A. Bashlyaeva

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