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The Institute of Applied Medical Research (IAMR) was created in 2014, and was known under the name of Moscow Regional Blood Research Institute until 2021.

The renaming of the institute marked a new milestone in the development of our scientific organization. The institute was enlarged considerably, the main scientific centers were strengthened, and the possibilities of solving applied problems of medical science were expanded.

The Institute was created by a group of specialists under the guidance of Professor Alexander Plotkin, MD. Initially it comprised a small research team engaged in studies in the field of surgical hemostasis and tissue bioregeneration. The result of the Institute’s painstaking work over several years was the invention of novel fully synthetic Polyacryloc matrix, which enabled developed of the unique aqueous hemostatic solution Hemoblock, as well as Lymphoblock solution, which blocks lymphorrhea occurring during surgical lymphodissection and trauma.

Hemoblock and Lymphoblock are truly breakthrough products that have no known analogues in the world. Both products are manufactured at the IAMR’s production site in Dubna near Moscow.

Hemoblock and Lymphoblock have taken leading positions in the specialized fields of surgery in the Russian Federation and abroad. IAMR supplies these products to hundreds of medical institutions in the Russian Federation and abroad.

IAMR engages in a range of molecular biology projects. A priority area of such research is the development of novel approaches in treatment of myocardial infarction.

As of late the Institute has been actively collaborating with pharmaceutical companies in Russia and foreign pharmaceutical companies.

IAMR designs and directs large-scale clinical trials (regulatory and post-marketing) in various fields of medicine: oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, abdominal surgery, etc.

One of the priorities of the institute at present is healthcare economics and project development. IAMR works with Russian government agencies under healthcare program “Formation of Comfortable Urban Environment,” cooperates with design organizations, developers and contractors, supporting development of concepts and feasibility studies for creation of the new healthcare facilities, as well as modernization of the existing ones both at home and internationally.

Today, IAMR is a multidisciplinary actively developing research and production organization with interests and expertise in many fields of global healthcare.