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Hemostatic agent


Hemostatic solution Haemoblock is widely used in clinical practice: in General, surgery of absсesses and vascular surgery, urology and gynecology, gastroenterology and proctology, plastic surgery and dentistry, including maxillofacial surgery, in the treatment of burns, as well as in postoperative care.

Dental hemostatic kit

Haemoblock® DENT

The set of dental hemostatic “Haemoblock DENT” is used to stop capillary bleeding when removing teeth, removing stones, processing dental wells and after direct removal of casts, as well as for bleeding from the gums in the cervical region, apical and gingival bleeding.

Surgical agent

Lymphoblock Solution

Lymphoblock Solution is the only and unique preparation for surgery for stopping and preventing lymphorrhea of various origins and localisations. It serves to stop lymphatic drainage resulting from, for example, trauma or lymph node dissection during surgical interventions, as well as to prevent lymphocele (seroma). It has both lymph stopping and bacteriostatic action.

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